CORI - Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction

5 years ago

CORI - Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction

The Intermediate School is using the professional development initiative called Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI). The main objective of CORI is to increase the time students spend in “engaged” reading. Engaged reading occurs when students develop skills to read strategically. Students are taught specific strategies designed to aid comprehension.

Some of the strategies of CORI includes: summarizing, graphic organization, activating background knowledge, and questioning.

The Iowa Department of Education has recognized CORI as a powerful instructional framework that will ensure that teachers provide relevant rigorous instruction in the Iowa Core Curriculum. CORI teaches students to learn by doing his or her own research, which is a far more student-centered learning style than traditional lecture style instruction.

Teachers create lessons using real-world scenarios and topics. Interesting books, at a variety of reading levels, are used to engage students of diverse reading abilities from the most delayed to the most advanced. The lessons also provide multiple opportunities for students to collaborate with each other on research and projects.

Differentiation of lessons is an important feature of the CORI lesson plan. Choice is also integrated into the lessons when the students are able to choose which books he or she uses when doing the research.

Science and social studies are taught using the CORI model to expand reading instruction and reading for understanding beyond typical reading and reading group time.

On October 28, 2009, the Intermediate School teachers spent the entire day with CORI trainer, Barb Schons. Since vocabulary showed up as a weakness on district wide assessments, the teachers spent the day learning vocabulary skills to incorporate into CORI lessons as well as in core reading class.

The teachers have three scheduled CORI trainings with Barb Schons. In addition to those meetings, regularly scheduled meetings are lead by 5th grade teacher, Tina Schneider. Mrs. Schneider has been asked to become a trainer for the state. Currently there are only two trainers in the state. She will be trained this coming summer. It is quite an honor to have Mrs. Schneider selected to become a trainer! Congratulations Mrs. Schneider.